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Banfert New-materials Technology CO., LTD More >>
Banfert New-materials Technology CO., LTD

Hunan state, new materials technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the state), founded in 2006, is specialized is engaged in chemical new materials research and development, production, sale and service of technology-intensive enterprises...

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State, as an innovative science and technology enterprises, has a technical development team, led by Dr., master's, and contains basic resin research and development center, UV product research and development center, product research and development center...

  • Infrared spectrometer (FTIR)
  • Martindale abrasion resistance meter
  • DSC differential scanning calorimeter
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The development course
  • 2006On September 18, be engaged in formally "state," UV coating and its related product development, production and sales
  • 20077月在湖南益陽市龍嶺工業園,注冊成立“湖南邦弗特新材料技術有限公司
  • 2009籌劃寧鄉建設生產基地,全面啟動華東市場的銷售及辦事處的建設
  • 2012正式啟動華南市場銷售,建立廣東銷售團隊;完成寧鄉生產基地一期建設和設備安裝工程;
  • 2013榮獲“湖南省著名商標”;完成生產基地第二期建設項目的基建及廠區的整體綠化
  • 2015榮獲“國家高新技術企業”;與湖南大學成立“綠色高性能涂料研究中心”
  • 2016榮獲市級企業技術中心;華東應用創新中心掛牌成立;成立邦弗特商學院
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